"My work stems from a personal search for the inner man: his soul and spirit. Pain, longing, sadness, sacrifice, courage, fasting, temptation, dreams, struggle between good and evil, everything in human lives, is my endless inspiration. This complex of human illusions is contained in the most perfect earthly form: the human body. The Greek tradition is the perfect example of such a harmonious interplay of inner and outer. The woman and her emotional life are the main motif in my work. Her fragile beauty is enhanced by mystical gifts and a profound intuition. In my paintings is a romantic mood is often mixed with mild melancholy. People, gods and animals are all symbols and mysterious significance will be the viewer himself to be discovered .


1978 - 1982 Perm Art College (drawing teacher)
1986 - 1992 Book Disign Institute Moskow
1986 - 2004 Privélessons by Igor Vasiliev, Moskow
2006 - 2007 Privélessons by Urban Larsson, Amsterdam